5 books that will make you an excellent forex trader

Books are considered as the treasure of knowledge.


They not only enhance the capabilities of a person but broaden his vision to do something extraordinarily fantastic in life. Books encourage a person to see the other side of a topic and instill the ability to do wonders.

Beginners always need a guidance to come in the world of trading. Books can definitely create a marvelous impact on the minds of beginners and can make them experienced enough to take a fantastic start.

If you are looking for some books which can help you in your Forex journey, below are some amazing ones!


Book1: The Black book of Forex Trading

This book has been written by Paul Langer and doesn’t specifically target the beginners. This book is a guide for those people who have the fundamental experience in trading niche but are unable to establish a profitable business. 

Paul is a successful Forex trader. In the book, he depicts all the strategies which he has been using.

Paul narrates his story of failure and the trials and tribulations he had to face in his trading journey. He states that he enrolled in several courses but they weren’t worth it. Paul’s strategies in the book can create a difference in the lives of struggling traders.

You can buy a hard copy or kindle edition of this book here.


Book2: Forex for Ambitious beginners

This book has been written by Jelle Peters. The topic of the book states that the beginners must be ambitious in order to begin trading. The topic gives the fundamental lesson of good trading.


Jelle has been writing a number of articles and papers on the ups and downs in Forex market over the years. The author doesn’t want the beginners to remain in a fantasy and believe that trading can make them a millionaire overnight.


The book comprises of a number of strategies, trading mistakes and advanced instructions. There is also a test in the end which helps the readers to test their skills. It is a book worth reading if you are looking forward to step in trading world.

You can buy a hard copy of the book or kindle edition here:


Book3:  Currency trading for beginners

This book is a collective effort of two wonderful authors named as Kathleen Brooks and Brian Dolan. Both of these authors created a customized book of 384 pages. It is a bestselling book on Amazon. There are two previous editions of the book as well which shows the trustworthiness of people on these two authors. The book includes risk management in trading and the fundamental attributes of a trader.


It explains the technicalities of trading in detail and the latest SEC rules. There is a complete portion of the book which makes you aware of the pros and cons of Forex trading. This will make you decide if you are feasible for this job or not.

You can buy a hard copy or kindle edition of this book here.


Book4: Forex Trading: The Basics Explained in Simple Terms

This book has been written by a great Australian forex trader. He has not only written books for the guidance of beginners but for the advanced level traders as well which show his zeal and experience in trading.


This book is a complete guide for the new traders as it touches all aspects of trading. It includes all the information from the introduction of forex trading to finding a broker and trading psychology.

You can buy a hard copy or kindle edition of this book here.


Book5: Forex for Beginners by Anna Coulling


This is a customized book of 260 pages written by Anna Coulling. The author has an experience of 20 years in this particular niche and has already written numerous books on trading.


Anna believes risk management to be the most influential part of Forex trading. She has deeply told about the financial risk factor in forex.  New traders can gain loads of knowledge from this book and enhance their skills.


You can buy a hard copy or kindle version of this book here: