9 attributes to check if you can be a good trader

Trading is considered as a very influential mode of getting a stable economy in the country. Trading not only helps the country to cope up with the financial crisis but it also helps to generate better investment opportunities. Trading is obviously possible with the help of good traders. If a country doesn’t have good traders, it can’t generate better business opportunities.

The question rises that can everyone be a good trader? The answer to this is simply No.

Not everyone can be a good trader. A person needs to have certain attributes and skills if he wants to create fantastic trading opportunities for himself and the people around him. If you want to be a trader and you are unable to find your feasibility for this particular niche, you need to do a complete survey of yourself.


If you are naturally instilled with following attributes, you can nail your journey of trading.


1.     Work smarter not Harder

 This phrase doesn’t mean that a trader shouldn’t work hard. It basically means  that a trader needs to work smarter than harder. This is obvious that smart work also needs hard work  but when you equip yourself with the art of smartness, you create a room for some space.



2.     Engross in your work

A trader needs to engross in his work. He must know about the everyday trends of the market and that is obviously possible if he thinks his work as his only commodity. For a trader his work is his worship.




3.     High intellect

In the ordinary professions, average intellect people can survive but when it comes to trading, only high intellect people can survive. This is because it demands some instant decisions to be taken and those decisions are obviously very significant. A trader needs to look into every situation deeply and do his work accordingly.




4.     Decision power

If you have a problem to make quick decisions, you can’t be  trader. Quick decisions are meant to be made in trading. Risks are meant to be taken with confidence. One needs to be confident enough to make any particular decision. It provokes a sense of self – esteem and confidence in a trader.




5.     Risk takers

Traders are always risk takers and forward thinker. They believe their moves to revolve around a constant circle of unpredictability. A trader is confident enough to cope up with any situation. He knows that he will be determined even if he loses all his money and come on roads.




6.     Survivors

Traders are the real survivors. There are numerous examples of triumphant traders who spent all their possession on trade and hadn’t enough to eat. They survived and gained loads of profits. This is because a trader has a strategy. He has a strategy, not only to trade but to live as well.


7.     Strategic

If your life is all about moving here and there without any particular strategy to work, you can’t be a successful trader. You must make strategies every day. You need to be quizzical and ask yourself a number of questions. You need to ponder over the technicalities in order to gain success in trade.




8.     Givers

An investor is always a kind person. He is a firm supporter of prayer. He does a lot of charity for the betterment of people. He believes that when a person does charity, money comes to his way through unpredictable means. Many traders are running non profit organisation in order to eradicate poverty




9.     Mindset

There is a primary requirement of brilliant mindset for trading. Your mindset should not just be of getting profits but respect as well. A trader always invests with honour. A trader loves to share his knowledge with other. He never becomes rich alone.


You need to understand the fact that no one gains success overnight. There a lot of ups and downs in every journey. Specially, in trading, there are a number of shackles that may come to your way. One needs to be extremely patient.


If you are naturally adorned with the above mentioned attributes, you are ready to be a trader. “Welcome aboard, Amigos :-)