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Market Signals

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About Market Signals Widget:

This helps monitor the Forex market with real-time alerts of significant changes in currency prices. 

The alerts are aimed at major technical trading signals and are produced by five types of triggers: 

1. Sharp Move: Gets set off if a currency rate’s change exceeds a certain pip amount within a time frame from 10 seconds to five minutes, 

 2. “Intraday Level” reacts to a currency pair reaching a new intraday high or low, 

 3. “High/Low” sends an alert when an exchange rate reaches its highest or lowest level for the past day, week, month, quarter, half-year, or year, 

 4. “Support/Resistance” reacts to a currency pair passing one of three support or three resistance levels set up at the beginning of the day

5. “Figure Level” gets set off when an exchange rate reaches a value that is multiple of 100 pips, thus touching a numerically round level.